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A creative presence

Céline and Jordan met in 2015 and today form a duo, both in life and on the stage. This is a true vocal duo, which stands out for its unique identity in Belgium, as there are no mixed duet in the current musical landscape. The group produces songs with heady melodies and sentimental texts, delivering their personal experiences, in which many people will find themselves. Their music mixes deeply felt emotions with pop rock sounds, with country accents. Early adopters are not mistaken because they can perceive the reality of the bond between them.

Already known to the public for their respective careers in various formations, the duo recently announced the creation of this vocal group, in order to present their personal compositions. DAWN, literally meaning "dawn", has emerged from countless duet performances over the past five years and having aroused great interest from audiences, through the perfect combination of their voices and the emotions they convey. At the dawn of a new life, Céline and Jordan also wanted, through this project, to transcribe their story, to share it with her audience.

Céline, already known under the artist name “SAY-LYNN”, performs regularly at numerous country events on the Belgian and international scene. She released an eponymous debut EP in 2019, allowing her to garner an already loyal following. Note that she also participated in the show "The Voice" Belgium in 2015, in which she reached the quarter final.

Jordan, meanwhile, is known for his place as the leader of QUEEN's cover band "PILGRIMS", having performed over 160 concerts over the past 15 years, in Belgium and internationally. He has also recorded two EPs previously, through his experience in the group of original compositions "NEWT".

DAWN's ambition is to introduce its titles to as many people as possible, with the ultimate goal of defending them on stage. His music has the potential to bring crowds together and, although he wants to present it to the Belgian public, dear to his heart, he also wants to shine beyond our borders. Indeed, DAWN also intends to reach the international public, already fond of this musical style (Germany, Netherlands, U.K., U.S.A., etc.). To achieve their goal, the duo never stop creating and promoting their music, already having an audience and loyal followers looking for this musical style.

A first single carrying hope

The duo's first single, "Heading For A New Life", carries you with its enthusiasm and deals with the desire of artists to move forward and take a new start. This subject is particularly current and delivers a positive and optimistic message, by the need to redefine our conceptions of happiness and our values, after the global crisis experienced in 2020-2021.


After spending several months writing and composing their tracks, DAWN - the Duet recorded their first track, "Heading For A New Life", in February 2021. The group released their first single in June 2021, accompanied by an original video by lyrics illustrated by internationally renowned artist, Mertcan Mertbilek (Santana, Ray Charles, Ravi Shankar, Seether, Elvis Costello, Avi Kaplan, Crystal Fighters, Joseph J. Jones, Ghostpoet, OMB Peezy, Timothy B. Schmit, Creek Boyz, The Irrepressibles, Concord Music, Universal Music, Sony Music, Island Records, George Harrison Foundation, PIAS, Warner Music, etc.).

It was a smash hit, acclaimed by its early fans, generating many views on YouTube and being played on numerous radio stations, both local and national. DAWN – The Duet have since continued their musical journey by returning to the studio.

A new intimate single

"What Are You Searching For?" is DAWN - The Duet's second track from their forthcoming debut EP.

The duo, both in life and on stage, delivers their intimacy by tackling the delicate subject of jealousy and its pitfalls, a situation already experienced by many of us, between reality and fiction, between wrong and reason. The catchy, haunting melody contrasts with the song's particularly difficult theme.

The title was produced and arranged by Philippe Delhaye, who has many creations for the media to his credit (Canal+, musical design for the three RTBF television channels, more than 350 advertising music, official EURO 2000 credits for soccer). It was recorded with the participation of renowned Belgian musicians, such as Patrick Deltenre on guitar (Axelle Red, Maurane, Adamo, Lara Fabian, Maxime Leforestier, etc.), Bo Waterschoot on bass (Urban Trad, Chroma, etc.) and Marcus Weymaere on drums (William Dunker, The Voice, Marc Ysae, etc).

"What Are You Searching For?" was mixed and mastered in Nashville. The duo brought in sound engineer Clarke Schleicher (, having won three Grammy Awards and been nominated as the Academy of Country Music's Sound Engineer of the Year twice (ACM), whose track record includes albums by artists Blake Shelton, Chris Isaak and Taylor Swift. The track was mastered by mastering expert, Georgetown Masters (, having worked with artists such as AC/DC, Neil Young and Johnny Cash, which gives the single a sound worthy of the greatest American productions.

The group is currently in the studio to finalize its first EP, scheduled for Fall 2022.

The band also started its first concerts in 2022, Céline and Jordan surrounding themselves with talented musicians Axel Marcelis (bass), Sébastien De Smedt (acoustic guitar and backing vocals), David Alfano (electric/acoustic guitar) and Jeremy Coppens (drums). It notably provided the support act of the famous Belgian group MACHIAVEL on their last tour.

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